WW2 Italian Soldier


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“Italy entered the war in an under-prepared state, having expected Britain to accept peace following the fall of France. Mussolini wanted a quick end to the war and thus tried to imitate the astoundingly successful Blitzkrieg tactics of his German counterpart but to no avail. Brief gains in Africa were soon checked by the British and advances through the Balkans were slow going. Italy increasingly found itself in need of German assistance in its theatres of operations. Italian troops were by no means inept or lacking courage, with elite troops such as the Alpine Division, as well as staunchly defending against the Allied advances across Libya and into northern Italy (Almost to the last man at times), Italy would suffer heavy casualties in their numerous operations around the Mediterranean and Africa.”

This custom Minifigure includes:

  • 1x Printed Italian Torso
  • 1x BrickWarriors Garrison Cap – Dark Grey
  • 1x Brickarms MAB 38

This set contains small parts and is not intended for children under 3 years. Some parts are from United Bricks.