WW2 German Afrika Korps Officer

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The Afrika Korps was a German expeditionary force sent to North Africa to bolster the Italian forces that had been routed by the British Commonwealth. They would be in Africa from March 1941 until their surrender in May 1943. Eventually, the British 8th army was able to organize, train, and equip an effective offensive force and defeat the Afrika Korps in the iconic Second Battle of El Alamein. The Afrika Korps would be pushed back into Tunisia by the 8th army, who would, along with the Allied forces that had landed in Morocco and Algeria, encircle and capture the remnants of the force.

This custom Minifigure includes:

  • 1x Printed DAK Officer Torso
  • 1x German Field Cap with Eagle – Tan
  • 1x P08 Luger

This set contains small parts and is not intended for children under 3 years. Some parts are from United Bricks.