WW2 German Panzer Commander


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The men of the Panzertruppen were distinguishable by their close-fitting black uniforms, known as Panzer wraps. They were of critical importance to the Blitzkrieg strategy and were the instrument of many victories due to their rapid territorial advances, inspired leadership, and of course, excellent tanks. German armor was a problem for the Allies throughout the war, with their only weakness being that there was simply never enough.

This custom Minifigure includes:

  • 1x Printed Panzer Commander Torso
  • 1x Officer Hat – Black (Cockade & Eagle)
  • 1x Brickarms P08 Luger
  • 1x SI-DAN – Headset JS1 – Black

This set contains small parts and is not intended for children under 3 years. Some parts are from United Bricks.